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The NO Collective?

The NO Collective was founded in 2010 by participation artists Natalie and Joe. With a humble ambition to share the joy that they had found in thier art education with the world. 'NO' began as a small group of creatives joining together to make community engaged artworks. Over the years the collective vision has evolved to also support young and emerging artists and communities with workshops, events, opportunities and projects, both in London and abroad.

We are extreemly greatful to have a fantastic network of members who support our work through thier specialist knowledge, and shape the ethos of our collective. Including artists, designers, architects, writers, educators and thinkers from accross Europe.

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We manage a range of projects and events involving mebers of the public, communities and artists. Click below to see what we have been commissioned to do recently!

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The NO Collective is primarily a network of professional artists, creatives and thinkers who make things happen!

If you would like to find out how to join us, and learn a little more about our ever-evolving team, click below!

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We believe that contempoarary art and creative practise can bring joy to peoples lives. Therefore we encourage artists and creatives to join us in sharing culture and creativity with whoever we can! Whether that be offering a travelling to a young person, to developing a wider community project with professionals. We are open and active in utilising creativity for all of the goodness that is packed into it!

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We have worked with:

First Base
The Mercury Shopping Centre
NSU Finland
Arts Council
Havering Colleges


The NO Collective is based in Havering, a London Borough. We are an informal organisation, that works on not-for-profit initiatives and projects. We do lots of work in Havering, but do not have physical office as our membership spans accross London, the UK and Europe.

If you would like to contact us with an enquiry, to become a member, or propose a project or collaboration, please email us!