NO Collective

60 Minute Art-Over

‘60 Minute Makeover’ - a workshop led by the NO collective

Based on the popular television series ‘60 Minute Makeover’ participants will be challenged to curate The Outback Art House exhibition in just 60 minutes. Watch out for the film crew who will be interviewing, distracting and recording you!


NO in The Outback Art House

Working with a team of Media Studies students from Havering College in Essex, the NO collective created a performative and participatory artwork in the midst of a pre-arranged Curation workshop for Foundation art & Design Students. This intervention, set to push students further into the deep end of the art world was conducted within 60 minutes and was fast paced, disruptive, confusing and humerous for all involved.


The piece was developed alongside the pre-existing project 'The Otback Art House' which was questioning sence of place in the local town, as well as in this bizarre resturant gallery setting.


The project pushed both students and practitioners in an exhibition displaying no less than 100 works created over 6 weeks by professional artists, designers and students. 60 Minute Art Over, a development of 'No Show' which was held at a residential location previously pushed No to work with unfirmiliar format with filming and direction from the media students, however this proved satisfying with a true account of collaboration wthin NO's practise.


Please click on image above to watch the 10 minute '60 Minute Art Over' and for full credits of the Media students involved.

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Meme created by: Nirav Patel, Havering College