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Market Duo Play With Synonyms of Romford Life


Local artist collaboration ‘No’ is to participate with unknowing Romford Market shoppers on September 1st in a one-off, four-dimensional parody of a popular family game. Highlighting issues surrounding the politics of our town and stereotypes of everyday life, the pair will seek to involve onlookers with costumes, laughter and prizes in an ‘over the top & circus-esque’ performance; all from the front of a borrowed traders stall.

Joe Easeman and Natalie Bays, independent social artists, form the comical collective – they work in and around London, showing work in a variety of places, from private houses in South London, to the odd launch date at the Tate. Natalie, from nearby Harold Wood professes:

“We tweak at the society where we make our work and in doing so hope to involve the community that surrounds it, not only for local input but for the artworks realisation... of course we also like to have fun, and we find that our work always resonates with a humorous output for all”

The game will be a comic strip of the whats and wherefores of Romford life today, from the ups of the high street and television fame, to the downs of the chav-branded stereotype and the Job Centre; there may even be an appearance from a little known London Mayor- All in good humour of course, but shamelessly performing the underlying concerns of the towns people.

This unorthodox way of making artwork is a passion for the pair and they hope the people of Romford will welcome its quirky nature with open arms:

“ The 4D ‘MoNOpoly’ game should be an ideal introduction into the realms of performance and participation art, as its humorous and commercial themes withdraw the elitism of the medium, no one feels isolated playing a game that they know and love! ”-Joe Easeman.

Working closely with the Romford Contemporary Arts Network, Joe and Natalie hope this is the beginning of many future ‘live’ works within the boundaries of Romford’s vibrant and diverse culture.


This project was part of Havering contemporeries 'mini markets' project.


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