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No has been busy this week networking far afield to look for new adventures in Eastern Europe. Joe from the NO Collective has been making connections with various partners in aid to facilitate a more diverse practise accross Europe. He returns this weekend with a new cultural offering and experience to be utilised in further workshops.





'Producing A Satirical Film To Showcase Library Facilities'


No have been commissioned to work with an existing library film group to create a 2 minute film that will be used throughout the next year accross the Havering libraries to demonstrate the services they have.


The group ranges from the ages of 13 to 30 and NO cant wait to get stuck in producing something with them. If others would like to be involved in the FREE film making and producing workshops, they will run on Thursday evenings from the end of April- for more information, and to sign up, please get in touch with RCAP at:




'Brick Seminar' Results For All 4 Seminars


After an 18 hour long trip home to England via a stop in Helsinkini and Stockholm, NO have waved goodbye to the BRICK project forever.....


It is a very sad moment  of time for us, as we have enjoyed so many aspects of the project. Not just learning from the programme, but socialising with the enlightning people that we have met over the year, and also 'playing' as hard as we work.


As all of those very embaressing moments actualise themselves on facebook - a website has emerged with the practicalities of what we have discovered. From consumerism in Slovenia, to intergration in Denmark, to our most recent exposure of rural opportunitues in Finland. A unique experience of learning that will no doubt inform our work for years to come and hopefully open doors for new opportunities in Europe.


The website created at the 'Brick-It' workshop has been collectively made by regular participants of the project and NO were more than happy to contribute with design aspects, a logo, a board-game and of course, a little bit of written English.


Please click here to explore the website, and enjoy the free downloads!




Business Awards, Social Obsession & Performance Art Outside The Town Hall


As NO embark on working with the RCAP agency as facilitators,  The Challenge, a young peoples charity have been guided our way; leading a small workshop producing of a series of 'Social Media' news reports. It all of a sudden got very busy when we were asked again to work with the challenge facilitating a workshop for 60 around Romford Town.


Challenging ourselves, we worked alongside sculptural artist Bobby Sayers to create a varied and exploritory workshop called 'Grime & Time' where participants were given an alternative tour of Romford, viewing the 'lost river' as well as becoming marketing entrepreuners in the Market. The climax of the day being the perfoming of adverts outside of The Town Hall. We got some stares, but it was all good fun. To view what we made on the day, plese click here


Finally, a shout out to The Romford Contemporary Arts Programme, who were finalists in The Havering Business Awards this month for 'Best In Community' - Sarah Walters, the curator of the programme, was also up for the 'Young Entrepreuner' award. Unfortunately no awards were won on the night, but to be finalists was an achievment in itself as RCAP has only been running just over a year. Congratulations!!




As A Dissertation Is Published, We Look Back Over The Achievments Of Anne's Cafe


It seems so long ago now, that NO embarked on a small project called 'Come Dine With Me Romford' presented by a very softly spoken Jess Adams. The need for help with a dissertation was not what we imagined this 'very important meeting' would be about; however over the months, the learning we all gained through participation and producion of 'Anne's Cafe' in the name of the radicality of political and global arts are non-comparible.


Alter-collectivity informed by collective interests and collaborative workings.


Please take a moment to read this writing, as i think the way it has been written encapsulates not only a community and location, but also a way of life of the active and responsive.


Click here to read :)




'Brick Seminar' Module 3 Results


NO recently transended onto Denmark to explore ethnic minorities and democracy within Europe. Meeting a selection of 'tuned in people' from accross Europe we aclimatised in Knivsberg in Jutland, we were immediately placed within an ethnic minority sector of the country - the German minority of Denmark.


Over the 4 day seminar we learned a great deal about the cultural identity of minorities within Europe, including the large scale that are under-represented in European democracy, and of course, as there were a number of different country representative's we discovered differing opinion on ways to resolve migration issues and ways to initiate inclusion and intigration . We also met the Mayor of Aarhus who described the means to 'transform' a ghetto into a sustainable / livable and all round 'nice place'. On visiting Gellrup, the said Ghetto, we descovered the community backdrop and found some disimilar ways that Denmark participates with its ethnic communities.


A very well ran course, with some interesting outcomes that we can hopefully exlpore further in our work.




'NO your place' - confidence workshops


consisting of three workshops, each a day long, NO will improve your confidence, public speaking skill and interpersonal skill, until you too are as amazing as the NO collective. book now at


running over three dates; session 1 - 'NO people', 26th May 9am-5pm, session 2 - 'Tangible Place', 2nd June 9am-5pm, session 3 - 'Public Engagement' 9th June 9am-5pm

at NICHE, 19 Quadrant Arcade, Romford


in accociation with RACP (, for further information please contact the NO collective ( or Sarah Walters (

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