NO Collective

'Nei Vei'

Within this experimental performance, the founding collaborators of the UK NO Collective took the roles of different English sterotypes in order to question, expose and explore assumption on 'Englishness' and tourist.



The days where split up as follows:


Day 1: Edwardian


Day 2: Farmer


Day 3: Chav


Day 4: Upper-Class


Day 5: Cricketer



Chosen for thier immidiate thought connecting resembelance to England - this longitudinal characterisation playfully craeted an umbrella performance for a variation of micro-performances, particpatory discussions and 'time-travelling vs new culture' questioned artworks.


The time to reflect on our practices was imperitive, and the emmersion of new and learned cultures was almost the founding moment of finding significant and shared interest, which now streams through the NO collective's works and participatory projects.


A finalised video performance artwork made directly from the residency, called 'Edfjordians' was also locally exhibited in an alternative exhibition in Trondheim called 'Sweet child of Many Names'.


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Nei Vei (literally meaning no (Nei) and way (Vei), but not meaning anything in Norwegian; where 'no way' hasn't been so fondly adopted from America as a common pharse), became a five day performance in Trondheim, Norway,  after being given the oportunity to have residency in the City for 10 days.

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