NO Collective

NO more shopping

Local artist collaboration 'NO' is to participate with unknowing visitors to Romford's own Multicoloured swap shop in a participatory performance promising to be a truly interactive internet shopping experience. Visitors will be taken through a maze of decisions and dilemmas involved in purchasing that perfect online item, and come up face to face with those annoying little accepts of internet shopping that make you question wheather it would have been easier to go to an actual shop.


Joe Easeman and Natalie Bays, independent social artists, form the comical collective - they work in and around London, showing wotk in a variety of places, from priate houses in south London, to the odd launch date at the Tate.


The performance will guide the participant through the stages of the internet in an atempt to purchase that all important online item. set out in a game style the NO collective aims to immerse the visitor into their online world.


This unorthodox way of making artwork is a passion for the pair and they hope the people of Romford will welcome its quirky nature with open arms:


'NO more internet shopping takes those things we love and hate about this relatively new style of purchasing and parodies them in a fun and interactive style. Within the setting of the Multicoloured swap shop at one station parade, this performance is unashamedly capitalist and ams to explore the monopolization of the internet in our everyday activities.' - Natalie Bays


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