NO Collective


NOtate is the NO collectives outcome from its work with Chelsea College of Art and Design and Tate Britain on 'the gallery is talking' project


This resource consists of a single sheet of paper with a straight line on it, you are invited to 'make' your own map, using any materials and mapping system that you find the easiest and more accesable. For example you could cut/draw/paint/record footsteps/ or even tear a journey? Use the line as a measurement of distance/time/space/co-ordinates or anything else you could possibly think of!


Making a personal map that is truly accessible for you.


Notate is a resource that has been designed to question accessibilty solutions in general. The difficulties of how individual difference means that no amount of design will ever make any thing, or place, truly accessible for everyone.


In this piece everyone has a chance to design/write thier own map. It suggests more social inclusion than you would gain from any other map, because it is so specific to individual needs, by generalising people you often isolate the odd few. It suggests that resources will never be perfect. At large institutions such as the Tate, resources cannot be for everyone, unless everyone has an input in their design.


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