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...a world without creatives.

The last year has been challenging for everyone. Our physical health has suffered, our education has suffered and employment and economy is not ideal; to make it worse, we haven't really had the support system that culture and experience provides us everyday. Our mental health is in a really bad shape. We miss people. social occasions. Going to the cinema, theatres, music festivals and galleries - the only thing that has really got us through three lockdowns in one year is the TV. But what if the things that have really 'got us through' this past year are at risk?

We really wouldn't blame you if you were to think that the 'arts' are not the safest career choices right now; the news shows us over and over again that the arts are in danger. Actors out of work, stage designers and festival managers changing careers... However. Imagine pressing the restart button to our 'life out of lockdown' without the TV! Without cinema, no music festivals, gallery visits, theatre or magazines, or radio - or innovative ideas and progressive thinking!This world could become a very dull one if creative education was 'given up' - without our new creative generation leading creative revolutions.

We are asking for you to really explore what a creative education has to offer, and appreciate that there is more to an art degree than learning how to paint or becoming an actor. There is a broad amount of career options available to you - including the least likely where creative thinking within the industry is like gold dust.


What Do The Experts Say?

Why Should You Study Art?

The Arts Are Important For Everyone!

Why Is An Art Education So Important?

Creative Thinking is Essential!

Compose Your Future

Online Symposium

"Creative subjects are good for your life. In developing a range of creative skills and behaviours, you will be more employable in a range of sectors... Creative education is massive in developing such wonderful skills that can help a person get anywhere they want to in life. Most importantly these skills developed are much more holistic because there is a lot of project work, for example, craft takes everyday practise and people skills are developed through studio work are highly transferable"

 -James Jackson, Director of 'Havering Changing',

Arts Council England Creative People & Places Programme & local creative!

Online Event: Guest Speakers

Watch the results of the 'Compose Symposium' which happened on 7 April 2019. Including guest speakers below and a whole host of practitioners from a range of creative industries!


Brennan & Burch


Design Duo

Lisa & Maj will be able to tell you more about Product design & illustration.


James Jackson

Arts Programme Manager

James can tell you about arts managementas a creative and use your creative mind for a huge array of things.


Hannah Davis


Hannah can tell you more about navigating the photography industry and how to create your own dream job!


Georgia Trower


Georgia is here to de-bunk the myths about a journey into architecture. Embrace creativity and reject boring career oaths!



Log into Miro below and leave a note of a question of comment that you are concerned about or would like answered. During the event we answered many on the board and as time goes on we will try to answer as many questions as possible from people with lived experiences of the answers locally!



Find out more about people that have cherished their creative education locally. From Artists to Architects, Illustrators to Film Makers and even business people!

As professionals, how have they utilised their creativity and creative education to succeed and the benefits they feel that creative subjects can give in enjoyable futures and finding the right career.


Stephen Timms

Graphic Designer

"Being a creative makes me feel alive, it keeps my mind rolling and my heart beating"

Kirsty Packer

Technician / Arts Facilitator

"Get out there, apply for work experience opportunities and just to go for it and be confident."


Bobby Sayers


"We need to dream and imagine better futures, fill our lives with colour, stories and motion"

Georgia Trower


"The process to developing your knowledge, designing without limits, exploring materials and technologies is something to be embraced"


Brennan & Burch

Interiors Brand / Artist

"Concentrate on being comfortable in your own skin rather than being what other people want you to be"


James Jackson

Programme Director

"Get out there, apply for work experience opportunities and just to go for it and be confident."

Natalie Bays

Shopping Centre Manager / Cultural Project Manager

"If you embrace your creativity then you have the potential to inspire others and make a difference in the world."

Chris Brake


" Without creatives there's no film, no television, no galleries, no theatre, no music, no dance... no point. "


Hannah Davis


"Creativity doesn't just mean being good at 'drawing' or 'painting'. Everything in modern society exists because of human creativity, it is about looking at the world that"


Lisa Walker


"Get out there, apply for work experience opportunities and just to go for it and be confident."


Grace Borg

Trainee Teacher

"Choose to study what you love - as your passion is reflected in your grades"


Rhys McConnell

Clients and Marketing Executive

" when working within a team with diverse skills, those with more creative backgrounds can pick up crucial points for the campaign that others wouldn’t of been aware of"


Rhiannon Faith

Artistic Director / Choreographer

" Every day is different, you spend a lot of time with your imagination and you can truly make a difference to peoples lives with your creativity."


Try your hand at the competitions below which highlight some of the creative industries that have boomed during lockdown, and use a range of creative skills. Submit your work before 16th May and be in for the chance of winning creative prizes!



Spent half of lockdown watching Netflix? Write a 300 word review of your favourite film to be in for the chance to win a 'Roku Premiere Stick'.



Gaming has been fuel for entertainment over the past year. Download the free 'StopMotion App' and submit a 2 minute animation for a chance to win a graphics tablet and pen.


Wellbeing has been hard to maintain when there have been big changes in routine. Make a Dreamcatcher to reconnect with your creative side and be in for the chance to win a Creative Wellbeing Hamper.



How would you change your living environment to better suit working online? Design a room or a building that captures the essence of 'living online' and be in for the chance of winning a set of Architects Pro-markers.



Look around you - sunnier weather is reminding us to reconnect with our environment. Ditch the photoshop and physically create a spectacular scene outside. The winner of this competition will be in for the chance to win a portable photography light.

How To Enter:

To enter a competition please submit the competition google form by clicking the link below. You can enter more than one competition.

To be in for a chance of winning a prize, you need to be aged 14 - 19 and currently studying in Havering at school or college.


Browse through some of our great submissions to date:

Thank you to our prize sponsors:





This could be you! Dont forget to enter before 16 May 2021!



This could be you! Dont forget to enter before 16 May 2021!



This could be you! Dont forget to enter before 16 May 2021!



This could be you! Dont forget to enter before 16 May 2021!



This could be you! Dont forget to enter before 16 April 2021!



There are loads of opportunities to get involved creatively in Havering. Here are a couple of activities that you can do that have been created by artists during lockdown to support health and wellbeing in the area:


The Window Project

A lockdown project by artist Carlos Cortes to create a community artwork in the streets of Havering.

Exhibition of Childhood

An exhibition discovering the heritage of local people's childhood in the virtual Appleby Gallery.


Creative Volunteering

Volunteering opportunities to be part of a bigger mission to bring art creativity to as many people in Havering as possible.


Creative Network

A social network created by artists for artists. Join to access free activities and networking opportunities.

Schools / College Info:

Contact us on to find out more about the programme or download our manifesto to read more. All activities are free for students in Havering to take part in.

Supporting Educators & Institutions:

Resources developed by:

Programme supported by:

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