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The NO Collective is made up of over 40 professional members from the UK and abroad. This diverse community of likeminded artists and creatives helps us make festivals of the upmost quality and keep programmes relevent and educational. Meet a couple of us in more depth below!


Anika Manuel

I am a contemporary portrait painter living and working in Cornwall.



Lewis Pye

I am a fashion journalist student studying at UCA, I really enjoy styling outfits together and modelling them for my instagram accounts. As well as this i also dabble in photography and drawing.


Tim Ridley

I am a contemporay artist who paints, makes assemblage from found objects, draws, makes films and collage. My subject matter is the human/animal relationship.


Joe Easeman

I am a Fine Art graduate from Chelsea College of Art. I am currently working in lino printing and pen and ink drawings. I live in Norfolk and take the countryside around me as my inspiration.

Joe is a co-founder of The NO Collective.



If you live in the UK you can now also now buy some amazing original artworks and designs by clicking on the links in the profiles.


This ecommerce service was made possible thanks to support from the London Community Fund in 2021.


Lucy McDonald

Lucy McDonald is an arts facilitator and project manager who creates events, programmes and resources for intergenerational audiences (aka families). Encouraging and supporting people to access and find personal relevance in art and culture is at the heart of Lucy's creative practice.


You can enquirer about and book Lucy's services by clicking below. Her services include creating and delivering workshops as well as curating and project managing bespoke programmes and events.


Shanka Mesa- Siverio

Shanka is an Architect & Urban Designer at WSMS Studio: A studio that aims to make good architecture and design more accessible, relevant and possible for communities and individuals.


You can enquirer about and book Shanka's services by clicking below.


Giulia Frattali-Bays

Giulia has been creating ink drawings for over 20 years. She finds inspiration in the world around her.


Spencer Hawken

Spencer is a film festival director with an extensive background in film making and reviewing. His particular expertise is Horror.


Natalie Bays

Natalie is an experienced cultural project manager and arts facilitator. She graduated from Chelsea College of Art & Design in 2011 and has a penchant for architectural drawing.

Natalie is a co-founder of The NO Collective.


Nick Joubinaux

Nick is an award winning photographer and print artist. His recent series of works have surrounded the magical processes of camera obscura.


Eve Hill

Eve is a tattoo artist and illustrator. Her designs are inspired by heritage line art, animals and emotion.


NO Collective Products:


The more we have, the more we can do!

So if you are a creative or a thinker, an activist or an artist

- or even just someone who likes the activities we run -

we would like to hear from you.


Please click the button below to apply!




The NO Collective is an informal, non-governmental, not-for profit organisation.


This means that to ensure our organisation governance is working towards our ethos, aims and objectives, we have a membership of people guiding our activities in the right direction.


ETHOS: When producing collective artworks, we use democratic and non-authoritarian methods to make decisions.


This means that if we are working with creatives and artists from different professional levels and disciplines, everyone will have the chance to make decisions equally. This strengthens opportunities for young and emerging creatives to learn and get work experience, but also can inspire professionals, or challenge pre-conceieved ideas. Even the work becomes multi-layered - so everyone wins!


This Ethos is kept in mind when introducing young and emerging creatives to professional and commissioned projects.


An openmindedness towards learning is the most important requisite in joining The NO Collective.


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#eramus+ #Azerbaijan #internationalarts #travel

"NO is a social collective that bases its works around investigating micro-cultures and introducing humorous artwork to a mass of seemingly un-interested viewers; by using familiarity and stereotypes, and often games, ‘NO’ is keen to widen the understanding of contemporary art mediums and open the mind to subjects that are close to home"

- Founding Mission Statement



All of our members are completely different. Some join us in events, some are more active in what the collective is up to at home, whilst others choose to travel to youth training on our behalf. We often call on individual members for different things - for example, a writer may be able to help with an educational article, or a designer on some project brand work. It is not a collective that can guarantee you paid work, but we will help you where possible in creating fun and engaging projects that meet the collective's aims and objectives.


Most importantly, we make the most of having fun together with like-minded people!


To read more about our ethos and previous activities, browse our site.


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