We plan to install smart-tech 'vertical' allotments in urban Romford. This 'UK-first' will grow fast fresh food for our communtiy, whilst creating a social learning platform for nutrition & engineering. As our borough grows upward, so can the amount of fresh food we have in our homes!

But to do this we need your help to raise over £50,000 for this once in a lifetime opportunity to put Romford on the map for community innovation!

The Concept

This experimental innovation in community gardening is a project that looks towards the furure of farming, how we can keep connected to gardening in urban places -and how we can feed more and more people using smart tech and science! Utilising easy to use, and industry leading smart technology, this will be the first Urban allotment in the UK specifically designed for community groups by a local community group.

The Design

This farm has been designed by the people who are leading research into 'farming to eliminate third world hunger' thus this project will passionately support local health. It will give Romford a priceless resource of fast fresh food to feed local people in need, and also provide inspirational education in smart horticulture and nutrition for our next generation of engineers.



Business Sponsorship Opportunities

Are you a business looking to support social value and innovation? Our programme has been designed to support grassroots organisations in Havering build stronger and healthier communities, and we are looking for businesses that are passionate about social value to help us reach our funding target of £57,000!

There are a number of ways to support as a business and we are really excited to shout about all of the organisations that share our passion for community food growing!

For a pledge of £50 or more we will say thank you by putting your logo on our webpage and for pledges of £2,000 or more you can be sponsor partner for one of our charities, including branding opportunities on the installation which is in a high food foot area in central Romford.

There are also opportunities to sponsor our education programmes and the programme as a whole, so please do get in touch with Natalie to talk about how much you want to invest in this fruitful initiative. However, please be quick, as we need to reach our target by May to ensure we can go ahead!


Thank you to our generous sponsors:

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