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The collective curates a spectrum of cultural and social events as part of larger programmes and smaller projects throughout the year. Architecture Week sees a public opportunity for hundreds of families to create together in the spring. Our InAzerbaijan programme has run events in both Azerbaijan and the UK - with the Embassy of Azerbaijan in London being the location for our launch event. Having arranged events in galleries, institutions and very busy malls, the collective is led by a team that is confident running largescale events, ranging from creative family days, to educational and tech events, to social gatherings and festivals. We really enjoy multicultural events, as evident from our work abroad, in collaboration with multilingual community groups and our lovely team of multi-talented and creative events assistants and volunteers.

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Event Gallery

When are NO events?

We hold regular events, including Havering Architecture Week every spring, and our AGM event which is at the beginning of the year.

For all other upcoming events, keep up to date by liking our facebook, instagram and Twitter feeds. The majority of our led events are free to attend, and will be advertised through facebook events and multiple channels.


Our members are great at shouting about their work, processes and the projects that they have been involved in. Our founders have spoken at high-profile international, commercial, institutional and local authority events about culture, community and also the importance of education in community cohesion. Subjects that we enjoy talking about include sustainability, cultural property, urban design, brand, marketing and community engagement.


We are always looking for new opportunities for our members, many of whom are amazing events assistants and researchers who are always looking for new projects. We can also support the running of events and programmes with design support, event management, and consultancy in the UK and abroad. Please contact us if you are missing elements of a great event!

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