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With two formal educators on our management team and creative industry experts among our members, we are able to design themed and age appropriate schemes. Whether we are running a contemporary art workshop that builds confidence or using creative methods to teach principles of sustainability, there is always a dynamic and rounded education element in our work. We open up many of our projects to include work-experience and internships so that young people can gather the experience to become part of our future professional team.

We also ensure that we, and our members, are constantly re-educating ourselves, creating opportunities for our members to travel to Europe and study a range of training techniques and related topics themselves.

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Project Gallery


We use a number of educational methodologies in our workshops. However, we especially like to use games, and modern cultural references, such as 'game shows', as teaching tools during non-formal workshops - finding this to be a perfect introduction to either difficult subjects or meeting new people. We have used gamification in the past through designed workshops including Contemporary Art (using 'Play Your Cards Right' and 'Candy Crush'), Confidence Building (using Two Truths and a Lie), Sustainability, Food Waste, Facilitation and Marketing (using 'The Apprentice' of course!). We have also run various workshops designed by our professional members, including those used in Architecture Week.

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The NO Collective has a network of European partners who regularly invite members to participate in training abroad in a variety of subjects. During these 7 - 10 day training sessions, participants are taught by professional educators in a non-formal context. Participants also have the opportunity to meet their counterparts in other countries, take part in cultural exchanges and make new friends. So far members have been invited to Finland, Denmark, Slovenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Portugal, Spain, Czechia, Sweden, Norway and The Netherlands.

These opportunities are open to members on an application basis, and new opportunities will be posted on our facebook page.

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Work - Experience

One of our objectives is to ensure that young creatives can get a foothold on the creative ladder. Therefore, we provide opportunities to learn from professionals, in areas such as assisting, blogging and event support. We also support the learning outcomes of work-experience schemes in local community projects. Past projects that incorporated work-experience elements include Illusionarium / Architecture Week / InAzerbaijan. We also support local work experience outcomes. More often than not, there are paid opportunities for art students and young creatives too.

These opportunities are open to members on an application basis, and new opportunities will be posted on our facebook page.

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Free Downloads:

Over the years, we have created a lot of worksheets and content that we would love to share. Feel free to click a button and download creative resources for home, clubs or schools. Please check the activities before use as they are aimed at a variety of ages and capabilities:

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