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"Without an audience, can an artwork really exist?"

Physically it does, and you could definitely argue that the artist could be its sole spectator - so why bother with the question?

We would argue that 'the audience' is the aura that completes the making process. The artist's true superpower is only unleashed when people can be affected by their work. In addition, the public celebration of an artwork can be the birthplace for conversation, happenings, and the formation of new ideas for the artist's next great masterpiece!

Exhibition is also a great confidence building exercise for an emerging or a young artist, with early praise being the fuel needed to thrive in the tough and ever-evolving art world.

Although sometimes they take different forms, the NO Team will always create exhibitions from the projects and programmes that we lead.

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Event Gallery

Curation & Competitions

We have experience in a range of curatorial practices between us, from 2D minimalist hanging techniques in traditional gallery environments, to curation of RA 'Summer Show' styles in museums and public spaces. We currently support the curation of local gallery space in Romford, 'Daniel's View', with monthly local exhibitions, as well as the curation of the Eurasian Creative Guild 'London Culture Week Exhibition'. We have also recently curated a number of pop-up exhibitions abroad, including in Azerbaijan and Norway.

Our artists are also keen to help or lead the judging of art competitions, with members being involved in 'The Havering Mothers Day Portrait Competition', 'Polish Heritage Day 2020 Art Competition' and the annual 'Havering Young Artist of The Year' school competition.

VR & Digital Exhibition

Exhibition isn't as 2D as it used to be; in fact, it is now moving beyond 3D! At The NO Collective, we find this incredibly exciting and have really embraced the idea of Virtual Reality Exhibitions. We believe they are a brilliant way for our international family to exhibit together. Therefore, we have taught ourselves how to build them and are looking forward to finding more opportunities to show off all of our members' and communities' works!

Our first exhibition of 2020 will launch on 1 July to celebrate our 10th anniversary. This exhibition contains artists and makers from all stages of their careers and in mixed genres of creation, showcasing the works of architects, painters, craftsmen and performance artists. They are also from very different places in the UK and the world too.

You can open this exhibition on your phone, on your desktop or, even better, by placing your phone into a set of VR headgear and walking around the exhibition in your living room!

Please enjoy Digital Decapod:

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