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InAzerbaijan is an ongoing project that champions cultural and creative exchange between young people in the UK and Azerbaijan.

Containing a web-portal project, research trips, exhibitions, artist residencies, blogging and educational programmes, this multifaceted project has left a legacy of experience and learning for all who have been involved.


Involving a core team of young creatives working alongside professional artists and researchers, this programme has prided itself in providing enriched and exciting environments for those taking their first steps into the creative workplace.

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Project Gallery

Residencies &


Over the course of the project, the collective researchers and project managers have made three separate research trips to Azerbaijan, visiting the regions of Baku, Qabala and Qobustan, to create over 40 pages of information in the web portal. In 2019, an artist residency programme was also held by the collective in Azerbaijan to gather intangible first-hand research about the country.

Click to read more about the artist residency programme:

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Events &


The collective has organised a series of events and exhibitions in relation to the tangible and intangible information discovered in Azerbaijan. Beginning with a launch event in 2017 in The Embassy of Azerbaijan in London, the collective has also organised art exhibitions in Azerbaijan and London, and around the UK - as well as participating in established events such as The Romford International Film Festival and a Festival of Food and Culture.

Follow 'inthelandoffire' on social media for details of upcoming events:

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Blogging &


Utilising research, the collective designed and created a scheme of work for primary school students that saw resources sent out to over 30 primary schools in London. Further resources have since been created for secondary, further, higher, informal and non-formal education settings. The collective also conducted a blog programme introducing to each other young adults from London and Baku, in order to share similarities and differences in culture and beliefs from across Europe.

Click to download resources:

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InAzerbaijan Web Portal

Researched, written and developed by young people, for young people, is the country's debut web portal in the UK. Supported by the 'Council of State Support to Non-Governmental Organisations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan' [CSSN], the website is home to a vast amount of information about the fascinating country nicknamed 'The Land of Fire'. It was the catalyst for building connections of knowledge and cultural heritage between our two countries.

Researched first-hand through a culture-sharing youth network in the cities of London and Baku, it has been developed by a range of professional artists, educators and young creatives. The web-portal is educational, relevant and useful to young people, and those who teach young people.


Thank you to our supporter:

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